Thursday, June 16, 2011

...and so the bazaar season planning starts!

It's mid-June, mid-year already and in the Philippines, this is the perfect time to plan for bazaars should you have plans in joining one or two come Christmas season. Shopping for Christmas starts around  October because unlike many other countries who celebrate Christmas only on the 25th of December, the season starts in September 1st here. It's a common tradition passed on from one generation to another :)

I've heard of friends working on some serious plans in joining bazaars this year. In as much as I want to, I couldn't as I'll be giving birth 3rd quarter this year. Anyhow, one of my friends have asked for my advise and tips on how to set-up good trade show booths, because as we all know, an attractive bazaar could rake in more sales compared to just so-so bazaars. It needs a lot of planning and the right strategy for a successful bazaar experience.

I told them that they should purchase attractive table skirts. Bold designs in contrasting colors often hit it big in bazaars. In a cramped places like that, you wouldn't want to blend in, do you? When joining bazaars, you want be noticed and get sales. If your items are new in the market, it's better to invest in large banner stands, maximize the sizes required in the bazaar. It's the first thing that most customers will see so ensure that it's attractive and professionaly made.

One last thing, don't forget aesthetics, nobody wants to enter a booth cramped with stocks right? Planning to beautify a small space can be quite challenging but it's better to do so than end up with no sales. Invest in a beautiful pipe and drape and make sure that everything's well coordinated.

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