Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Installing a New Kitchen Backsplash

When asked which room they would most like to renovate, most people will say the kitchen. However, kitchens are difficult and expensive to remodel. It is possible to make a small improvement that will yield big results. One such improvement is to install a new backsplash. A backslash is a cheap and easy way to update your kitchen. 

After choosing the tiles you wish to install, follow the steps below to complete this job:

1. Remove any light-switch covers or outlet covers that will be in the way.

2. Determine the tile layout and pattern you desire to create, and mark a center line as a reference point.

3. Grout the back of the tiles one by one. Use a V-notch trowel for the best results. Place the grouted tile on the wall. If you twist the tile a little as you set it in place, it will adhere to the wall better.

4. Continue to follow the pattern you have predetermined until all the tiles are in place.

5. After the grout has dried completely, clean any excess grout off the tiles to finish the job.

Glass or faux stone tiles work great for this project because they are often set side by side and require no spacers. However, most any style of tile will work without spacers and can be set side by side. Simply ask an associate at the store to determine the right kind of tile you need for your project.

Another way to create an attractive backsplash for your kitchen is to use panels. These panels come in various designs, and they are much easier to install than tiles. This is because, it only requires measuring, cutting and gluing the panel onto the wall in order to complete the job. However, it depends on the look you wish to create if panels or tiles would work better for you. Panels are flat, yet tiles have some pop. It really is a personal preference. It also depends greatly on the amount of work you wish to put into the project.

The kitchen is a room where many people spend a lot of time. From eating and cooking to homework and projects, the kitchen is used for just about everything. It often is the social hub of the house. For that reason, it is important to keep your kitchen looking great. Adding a new backsplash is an inexpensive easy-to-do project that anyone can accomplish that will dramatically change the look of your kitchen in a positive way.

Author bio: Michael Mears writes about interior design and spicing up any room with the proper use of unique wall mirrors from Inline Ovals.