Friday, August 12, 2011

Preparation for Lana

Come September 8, 2011 I'll be giving birth to Irina Mirabella or simply Lana via Caesarian operation. Until now we're not yet ready *sigh*. We still don't have the exact amount of cash needed for the operation, I still have not prepared the baby necessities like soap, alcohol etc. All I have now are the clothes and other accessories given to me by my friends during my two surprise baby showers. There are enough toys for the nursery decoration though :)

If given the chance to win a nursery makeover, I would prefer a modern nursery for Lana. Her older sister already has much pink on almost everything so I am thinking of creating a lime green room for Lana. The website has a lot of wonderful ideas to offer and this is were I got the idea of choosing a modern lime green room for Lana.

The color lime green is not gender-biased and it gives a spell of fresh vibe all around. Thanks to Robyn of Chadds Ford, PA, USA for sharing her wonderful ideas for a Sublime Modern Lime Green and Nursery.

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