Sunday, May 29, 2011

Excited for our House Renovation

Come June 8, our house renovation will finally start :) What makes it more exciting is that our room is will be renovated too!

Room renovation simply means that I can buy new curtains and linens and we'll have the new air conditioner installed --- finally! After months of being stuck on its original box. With the new air conditioner working, I am required to buy new oversized king quilts, something that I've been dying to buy since time immemorial. Too bad we didn't own an air conditioner then :(

I am fascinated with quilts because of the blast of colors that somehow jives when sewed together. Awesome, aren't they?

Another thing that makes me want to buy quilts is Bella's T-shirt Quilt the Twilight saga. It was a high school graduation gift from her mom, a "compilation" of Bella's shirts :) Quite amazing.

I can sew quilts myself but the thought of doing a king sized one is overwhelming and a bit scary for newbies like me. Hmmm...

Moving on, we're hoping that we won't be spending that much on our house renovation because we still have a new baby coming and for sure we will be needing extra cash for our new baby. We'll have the rooms renovated and the front yard turn into a mini-office for me and our business, Posh Baby Philippines and PH Bakehouse.

God will help us with this right? I know that He will. We've been waiting for the right time to renovate our house and I guess THIS IS IT. This is really is it, LOL!!!

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