Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hello Nursing Scrubs!

After spending the last 4 years in DLSU-Health and Sciences campus and after going through rigorous training in the said nursing school, my dear sister is finally graduating! And by graduation, I mean no more boring white student-nurse uniform and hello to nursing scrubs! Like her, we're very excited too!

Now, we're searching high and low for the most comfortable and inexpensive scrub tops because she's on the heavy side so she prefers comfortable clothing for her to work efficiently. We've found a lot online and thanks God it perfectly fits our budget! Hurray for online shopping!

Seriously, this batch went through a lot and I must say that those who will graduate this year is indeed worthy of being called a nurse because their years of training was no joke. The nurses coming from this prestigious school are well-trained, disciplined and knows what they are doing.

Congratulations, Saydie! we're so proud of you!


STEF said...

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