Saturday, March 5, 2011

Babae Kapuso ka ng Bayan Entrepreneurship Summit 2011

Yesterday we went to the Babae Kapuso ka ng Bayan Entrepreneurship Summit in World Trade Center in Pasay. I love attending trade shows like these because we always get a lot of freebies from various exhibitors, apart from the things we learn from speakers. I am a business-minded person, remember? So every little detail I get from them is considered a treasure.

It was quite late already but there were still a lot of open trade show booths. My eyes feasted on the 1,001 wonderful items around me but too sad I was out of the budget already hahaha :)) There were toys, lots of it! Food, kitchen items like knives, hand towels of all kinds of materials, table skirts and many others! The 1 hour was not enough to go around the booths and appreciate all the products for sale!

I saw banner stands of various relaxations parlors offering a lot of to-die-for FREE spa services like hand and back massages, foot massages, head massages, facials and FREE products! Some even have installed Pipe and Drape for privacy of those having whole body massages.

It was one amazing event and I wish I could go back there again but at this rate, I could probably not :(

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