Monday, January 3, 2011

Taming a Sports-minded Husband

I have no problems with my husband. In fact he's the most vice-less person I know unless the topic is Manny Pacquiao and boxing. It's as if the world stops when Manny Pacquiao enters the picture. He would drop every thing that he's doing whenever Manny is shown on TV, he is an active contributor in Manny's website, he would watch Manny's every game Live in someplace with his fellow fans and I guess he would watch it on the ring side if we can afford it. That is how crazy he is.

On the other hand, my friends say that this is better instead of having a husband who plays basketball or any other sport for that matter. It holds true because she wouldn't find her husband home every day because he's usually out playing or practicing basketball! We'll I guess Manny's game of every 6 months is indeed something to be happy about, right? The husband of my cousin is at the peak of his youth so she would always find him betting on baseball, football and basketball game online so his main vices are getting the best sports picks and game predictions!

Oh well, if you have husbands like ours, well, first of all remember that your husband is still an individual and has certain habits and relationships like what you have with your make-up, shoes and bags. It is best to respect it like he respect yours. But if things are really going crazy and he becomes forgetful of his responsibilities, mind these tips on how you can tame him:

  • Find a task, work or hobby that you can do together - that you can do as a family. This way you will get hold of his time. Why not do some gardening and set schedules and responsibilities so at least he would do something worthwhile before he plays? Remember the saying, "If you can't beat them, join them!"
  • Show him what you do with your schedule, too. If you husband sees you in the salon or out drinking coffee with friends then of course he'd do the same! So show him that you devote your time to him and to your kids so he would be dead-guilty if he choses sports over you.
  • Don't force it. Don't make him feel that you are pulling him away from his vices - do one taming thing at a time so he doesn't get pressured.
  • If nothing else works, Let him be. I guess being addicted to sports is one fair game than being addicted to some woman, right?


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