Friday, July 23, 2010

Learning Trading Options with OEX Options

I have been thinking about earning something more because we are planning a huge purchase 1st quarter of 2011. My friends have been prodding my decision to try my luck in stock trading but I haven't got the faintest idea on how to start it. Told then I'd rather sew, make clippies and bake till my heart's content but NOT stock trading. I am no good in money, in fact, I suck at it.

Stock options is a new word to me and since I have the slightest interest on it, I'll be starting from the bottom. Right, definition of terms. I checked out their site and read about confessions of an OEX Options Trader, how cool is that? It's just like reading a whole lot of shopping novels but way different - because I learned a lot from it.

The website is specifically for traders are do not only want daily doses of option trading signals but also for those who wants to learn how to trade a stock index. Simply deep, huh? But really, as I was browsing, I saw a lot of helpful reading materials, such as articles and yeah, confessions. All of them are personally written, meaning they're all easy to understand.

Each subscription to OEX Options will get you to learn things about how to trade and not just what to trade, stock options site awards, who to deal with and more. The best part? Subscribers will get awards for stock option training so every subscription is really a win-win situation!

So let's learn about Trading Options together!

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