Thursday, July 29, 2010

On Car Accessories

I've always wanted to own a car of our own but learning how to drive and at least learn the basic "how to's" on vehicles should be on my priority list before I decided to buy one.

I don't have the slightest idea except for the things I've learned when I did General Motor paperworks two years ago. I learn a thing or two about vehicle make, vehicle body, parts, mechanisms and more but I want to know the details on car accessories, typical things to in case it halts in the middle of nowhere, far from our friendly neighborhood mechanic.

However, I know that I have little knowledge about body kits. In fact I've sold a Xenon Full Body Kit back then. The body kit I've sold was custom made, ready to prep up and paint. It was easy to install and came with lifetime warranty from the store.

One good thing about custom made body kits is that it offers a kind of style shifting eyes from the road to your vehicle. And since it's a complete kit, it comes complete with prepping, priming and painting instructions to make the works easier for you.

Now my next task is to learn how to drive, I'll search for an affordable driving school nearby ^_^


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