Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hello "ber" months, the Bazaar Season is here again!

The Bazaar season is here again. Every bazaarista I know is busy finding the right tools to make their bazaar selling experience successful.

As for me I am not yet sure if I'll get the chance to join bazaars because I work alone as a mom, a home baker and an online writer. My schedule's pretty hectic, crazy is the right word! But if given the chance to join one before Christmas, I'd get my inspiration from the trade show exhibits I've been to.

Here are some of the things a bazaarista should consider when joining bazaars:

  1. Table Covers - you should consider an eye-catching table cover for your space to attract more customers and a cover that blends in with the colors of your merchandise. It should be kept clean, neat and free from eye-sores. Printing companies offer table covers in various shapes and sizes. They come in bold colors, prints and can also be customized.
  2. Table Top Displays - If you can afford it, invest in a well designed table top display that best represents your merchandise. In bazaars, table top displays represent your company best. It comes in panel systems, pop-up designs, banners, standees and more.
  3. Directors Chairs - of course do not ever forget to bring a chair where you can rest! Nothing beats an energized bazaarista. Directors chairs are usually made of hardwood and you can even customize it so your customers could see your logo! What a way to promote your product!
I am hoping that I'd be given a chance to join at least 5 bazaars this year. It would be a great help to us and our tiny online bakehouse.

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