Sunday, May 30, 2010

Donate Your Car for Vietnam Veterans

My grandfather is a veteran. He has fought for his country and risked his life for its welfare. It's painful to hear from him how he despise the way people of today have forgotten about veterans, the same people who are enjoying the freedom that these veterans have fought for during the war.

Now is the right time to pay them back. To thank them for everything they did for the country and for us. Our veterans need our support and we can do this by providing them critical support services through car donations. Car donation proceeds benefit the Vietnam Veterans of America and you all know too well how each donation could make a difference.

Worried? Don't be. Vietnam Veterans of America is charted by Congress and has been helping these veterans and their families for over 30 years now. If you are interested to donate car, simply call the toll free number today 1-800-Help-Vets or use our easy online car donation form to schedule your free towing.

Like all of the thousands satisfied car donors who were able to lend their help to our veterans, you will also receive a car donation tax deduction.

A car maybe a necessity to all of us but there are more people out there who needs it better than we do, people like our veterans. While we may have the option to buy another car, most of these people and their families don't.

Let's all make a move now while we still can.

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