Thursday, September 13, 2012

What do you do, Mommy Iris?

I always get asked this question whenever I tell them that I am a Virtual Assistant or VA.
A virtual assistant (typically abbreviated to VA, also called a virtual office assistant)[1] is generally self-employed and provides professional administrative, technical, or creative (social) assistance to clients remotely from a home office.[2][3] Because virtual assistants are independent contractors rather than employees, clients are not responsible for any employee-related taxes, insurance or benefits, except in the context that those indirect expenses are included in the VAs fees. Clients also avoid the logistical problem of providing extra office space, equipment or supplies. Clients pay for 100% productive work, and can work with Virtual Assistants, individually, or in multi-VA firms to meet their exact needs. Virtual Assistants usually work for other small businesses.[4] It is estimated that there are as few as 5,000-8,000 or as many as 25,000 virtual assistants worldwide; the profession is growing in centralized economies with "fly-in, fly-out" staffing practices.[5][6][7]
source: wikipedia 
My tasks depend on my boss' line of business. If he is into internet marketing, then my tasks are focused on affiliate marketing and SEO. Right now, I work for an SEO company from Utah, so everyday, I do a lot of SEO stuff for Utah-based companies like Utah floor services, St. George real estate, and Utah veterinary clinics among others.

I also do a lot of administrative work like communicating with prospective clients.

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