Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Er...car show for me?

I got invited to a car show event so I am sharing it with you guys. I am not a car owner nor a car enthusiast so I was surprised to receive an invite from a friend. I am the type who only attends the usual trade show exhibits especially about FOOD. yum!

I always get so full during food exhibits because I easily get hungry just by the site of their colorful table covers! Truly delectable indeed! Of course, presentation especially in the food industry is very important that's why these people invest so much in the design of their packaging up to the littlest detail on their paper bags. 

Among exhibitors, my favorites are the ones who put "free taste" food as their table top display. It's a major turn-off if they put it in glass cases that consumers who wants to try the product would still ASK for free taste. Exhibitors should put in more efforts in showcasing their products especially if it's food.

Another major turn-off are exhibitors manning the stall who just sits comfortably on director chairs who doesn't budge when you try asking about the product!

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