Saturday, March 6, 2010

How to Draw Traffic to Your Exhibit Booth Part II

Selling in craft shows, trade show exhibits and bazaars is one good way to augment a personal or family income. Grab that chance to introduce your product to the market with very little capital. Through this, you are able to get feedback from your target market and find ways on how to improve your product.

Selling in these trade fairs is not just displaying your products and wait for customers to drop by and buy. Of the many competitors you have, you need to do something to attract possible customers. Here are some tips on how you can maximize your profits and make the most out of your bazaar experience.

1. Trade shows organizers usually forwards a floor plan to possible sellers. Study this and imagine the traffic flow on your area. You can invest on good striking table covers to attract more customers. Remember, more customers = more profits!

2. Design your booth in a way that it can easily be seen. Bring along a durable table and design your table top display elegantly. The way a table is design makes a good impression on your products. 

3. Let your exhibit booth stand out with a unique way of dealing with customers. Be sincere and courteous on how you greet them. Be mindful of your customer's needs for they know if the sellers are sincere or not.

4. Know your products well and expect questions from customers as most of them would want to know all the details first before they put their hard-earned money into it.

5. Be mindful of your customers and avoid sitting down when they flock to your area. Even if you have bought the most expensive chair among all directors chairs, you are still required to attend to your customers if you want to make sales.

These are just the basic ways on how you can draw traffic to your area of the many exhibitors in the whole trade fair. Know more about this by researching and of course, nothing beats the lessons learned by experience.

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dulce said...

hi. you know, i have always wanted to bring my product to booths like you mentioned. unfortunately, i've never tried it.

i know how to cook real yummy tarts/pastries. maybe i'll try cooking again and see if i'll have the guts to try fairs. ;-)