Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Basic Quilting And Quilt Patterns

Quilting is a method of sewing wherein two or more layers of fabric or cloth are joined together to form a thicker material. Quilting can be done with the use of a sewing machine, by hand, or by using a long-arm machine. Quilting will require a needle and thread in order to sew each piece together. A typical quilt has three layers -- the quilt top, the insulating material (batting) and the backing material.

Quilters would always sew all three layers together. That means regardless of quilt patterns, the needle and thread should be able to pass through the thick, numerous layers. Elaborate and decorative stitches are commonly done to create a masterpiece of art. Quilters normally use running, straight or rocking stitches. A variety of products such as bed spread, blanket, clothing or wall hangings can be created using quilting.
Some of the best all-time favorite quilt patters include the following:

• Thrifty
• Fox and geese
• Bears paw
• Card trick
• Twisted star
• Maple leaf
• Ohio star
• Four knaves
• Double X
• Big dipper
• Flying Geese
• Old maid's puzzle
• Windmill
• Churn dash
• Four-patch quilt patterns
• Nine-patch quilt patterns

In choosing a quilt pattern, determine the amount of time you can dedicate in quilting. Nine and four-patch quilt patterns are good for beginners. Make sure to make the back of your quilt as neat as your front. If you have ample time, try adding a decorative border as well. It can make your quilt more elegant.

Another consideration to make is the type of batting to use. If cotton will be used, quilting needs to be done every ¼" to 2" of space. A combination of cotton and polyester, on the other hand, only needs to be quilted every 2" to 3" of space.

Consider the patchwork of the material used. If it is too detailed, choose a simpler quilt design. Focus on the appearance of the whole quilt. Quilting should complement the total look and not just on one particular block. It is also important that your chosen design should not appear too big or too small for the whole space.

Quilting is an art and seeing the results can be very rewarding. Quilting can be fun and downright addicting. It can bring out the creative side in you. What is important is you can finish the whole pattern within your specified time. It would be more inspiring and motivating once you see your finished work.

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