Friday, July 30, 2010

"Bright Beginnings" are now available in!

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Finding the right formula can be such a pain especially with newborns.

When Yona was a baby she refused to take my milk so we opted to give her formula. It was a blessing that she wasn't lactose intolerant so she takes formula with ease. I've shifted from Nan1 to the Enfa series but there were a few months when she took "Bright Beginnings" (the old packaging...I like the new one better!).

At first I was hesitant but my aunt who lives in the States assured me that it's safe and my daughter will like it. True enough, she did ^_^ If only Bright Beginnings were available locally then, she'd take it until she was about 12 months. But I find it hard to look for someone who comes home often to bring me cans of the milk so I shifted to another milk. Good thing now Bright Beginnings available at!
If you are looking for a formula with nutrition same as breast milk yet at a very affordable price, then Bright Beginnings DHA Milk Based Organic Infant Formula is the best one for you.

Since IT IS ORGANIC, it means that it's packed without using pesticides, added growth hormones, and antibiotics! Each can is packed with organic-quality milk, all from natural vegetarian sources bearing the DHA and ARA nutrients commonly found in breast milk. These two nutrients are the ones supporting the eye and brain development.

Getting the premium nutrition at a very low price is possible with Bright Beginnings.

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Teacher Mama Tina said...

Mommy Iris! :) What a great blog! I LOVE your homeschooling blog as well! :) Just want to ask you also, how does one get to write sponsored reviews? And do they pay well? Thanks a lot. God bless you always! :)